Sick again…

Everybody should serve me, but they aren’t!

Anyway, thia is the second time ive been sick in a month, and both times i fell ill after running… Bllaaaaaa

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Mornings are for idiots

Next week all lectures are after 2 pm, yaaaayyy!

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I <3 TLV

Now that I’m living in Jerusalem, that is…

Let’s compare:

TLV:J-M (i.e. Tel-Aviv is to Jerusalem as…)

  • Financial:Spiritiual
  • Traffic laws:Car horns
  • Dog lovers:Dog poo
  • Burgers:Rogalach
  • PM:AM
  • Super-market:Huge Market
  • 10 miles of beaches:10 Haredim in one apartment
  • White City:Black Hats
  • Hot:Cold
  • Present:Past

In the end, like a lot of things it’s a matter of taste, and lately I like my burgers with some blood in them 🙂

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It was better when I was sick…

I could rest, sleep, ask for stuff… ah, those were the (last three) days…

But now those golden days are gone! I am now enslaved to a sick tyrant and there is no end in sight!

Ad mossai??

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Nicholas D Kristoff is a bigotted idiot

“This shows us that the issue with the occupation is not just complicated, with a case made for both sides, but also wrong”

So is there a case for both sides? or not? why the double talk? Just say out loud that you are against Israel no matter what and be done with. Even better, just say you are against Jews having a state and defending themselves, if that’s what you (obviously) think.

On an unrelated topic: Those videos of him with the win-a-trip students are just so strange… The student is talking to the camera, then “Nick” comes up behind him with a knowing smile and all but pats him (always a guy) on the butt. Oh well, Jeden das sein I guess.

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Hello world! I’m sick!

I haven’t been this sick in a long time. In fact I’m so sick I decided to start a blog. Usually my mental faculties see better use, but now most of them are under the command of the virus.

Speaking of which, considering the way I’m acting and my level of verbal articulation, I’m starting to think that the idea of zombies originated from the flu (just saw “The walking dead”)

Well, anyway, hope I get better soon, as I am getting on everybody’s nerves 🙂

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